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Founded by Acharya Shree Tulsi in year 1977, Saman Sanskriti Sankay is proactive education focussed wing of Jain Vishva Bharati. Envisioned with key concerns on current education system focussing mere educational knowledgebase and need of character building in children for best of society and country progression, Saman Sanskriti Sankay offers array of courses on Jain literature studies in its series ‘Jain Vidya Exam’ offered in part-1 to part-9. Our curriculum focusses on deeper imprint of Jainology, cultural values, approach, thinking and food habits for healthy and spiritual living.

Jain Vishva Bharati since foundation has consistently followed pathway to study and research on Jainism, ancient literary and philosophy. Saman Sanskriti Sankay is our laboratory to imbibe and embark cultural values to upcoming generations so as they could conserve and uphold Jain cultural values, help them live spirituality focussed prosperous life and equally build their future career on optimised pathway of happiness and peace.

Saman Sanskriti Sankay curriculum opens up horizon of learning Jain literary, philosophy and spiritual values without any age, caste and creed conditions and zealous task of letting Jain religion and philosophy spread globally. Saman Sanskriti Sankay offered courseware is amongst most popular Jain spiritual courses in the globe. We at SSS have equally focus on literary front to further scale and effectively take to new generation.

Saman Sanskriti Sankay is making steady and focussed growth under the leadership of Acharya Shree Mahashraman. SSS in endeavour to reach globally and offer fastest, accurate and easiest means of information communication is all set to introduce its examination form filling to academic records and library access and transacting through this worldwide web presence.