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Activities of SSS

Saman Sankriti Sankay conducts following major activities as part of its educational wing.

  • Jain Vidya Examination:
    SSS has formed nine modules of Jain Vidya course from Part-1 to Part-9 to enable Jain literary aspirants to learn best of Jainism literature, philosophy and values. SSS supervisory team conduct, regulate and supervises these exams every year in support with local community Sabha. SSS has appointed various exam centres across Country with centre heads and regional co-ordinators for further management of entire examination process. Jain Vidya exam is conducted annually in India, Nepal and Dubai at around 350 and growing count of centres with thousands of aspirant community members enrolling. To further facilitate students, SSS is conducting such exams twice a year at all centres. Jain Vidya Courses reference books are published by SSS and these books are available on JVB Online Book store , local Sabha books centre and through postal delivery.
  • Jain Vidya convocation ceremony:
    To further encourage participants and scholar candidates in the field of Jainism studies, SSS conducts annual convocation ceremony in auspicious presence of HH Acharya Shree at Chaturmas location. SSS honours national level toppers from Jain Vidya part-1 to part-9 exams from across all centres in this ceremony. All such awardee are titled with ‘Jain Vidya Scholar’ and teams of centres demonstrating best results are equally rewarded with titles like most active in-charge, regional heads and centre heads.
    Acharya Shree’s inspiring and visionary speech to guide Vidya scholars and SSS team remains key attraction of convocation ceremony. Such blissful environment not only motivates scholar students but equally cheers rest of community to move further in this field.
  • Jain Vidya Workshops:
    Jain Vidya workshops play a major role in enhancing Jainism philosophical values and knowledgebase. These workshops are conducted annually on national level in joint association with Akhil Bhartiya Terapanth Yuvak Parishad since year 2012. This workshop has Jain Vidya and spiritual knowledge based books taken for 21 days prior study in classes’ mode in guidance of various monks/ Samanji/ Samaniji.
    This follows written test at same day all across centres in association with local Terapanth Yuvak Parishad branches. Workshop awards topper participants and active Sabha for best performance.
  • State level/ zonal Jain Vidya organising teams workshop:
    Oragnising teams comprising of central body, supervisory teams, trainers play a significant role in successful completion of Jain Vidya exams and hence it is very important for SSS to have these members updated with latest and best of information exchange and updates. SSS conducts workshops guided by monks/ Samaniji to train workers/ SSS centres and their teams in association with local Sabha. Such workshops focusses more on technical aspects of Jain Vidya and it is expected to have participating workers to get best of knowledge on this subject.
  • Articles competition:
    Jain Vidya exam enrolling candidates studies throughout the year by being at their own place and enhances their knowledge on the field through reference books. Such aspirants enhance their personality by improvement in language, writing skills and expression capabilities and character building. All such candidates are further scrutinised and offered for participation in articles writing competition scheduled from time to time.
  • Jain Tithi calendar publishing:
    Saman Sankay Sanskriti publishes Jain Tithi Calendar every year on eve of MaryadaMahotsav since year 1981. Edited by Mantri Muni Shree Sumermalji Swami Ladnun, this Panchang is a must daily watch and use smaller sized calendar having daily Panchang and Jain Vishva Bharati activities and other relevant information. This calendar is distributed freely in the entire community through active support of community self-willingly advertisers having desire to further promote their services/ businesses.
  • Aagam Manthan competition:
    Jain Vishva Bharati since year 2007 conducts Aagam Manthan competition to further promote reading interest and know-how spread of ancient Jain Aagam and literary. This competition equally focusses equally on history and ancient literature having significant information written by our earlier Acharya and Muni/ Sadhavi. SSS conducts this competition annually to let every community fellow read and know more of Lord Mahavir Jinvani.